Kennebec Performing Arts Company
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Augusta, ME 04332 Webmasterralphturner@yahoo.com
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The Kennebec Performing Arts Company started as the Augusta Symphony Orchestra in 1920 under the direction of Ernest Hill, in order to provide musicians in the Kennebec area an opportunity to perform music, develop interest in choral music, the playing of woodwind, brass & percussion instruments and provide public service by presenting concerts and other performances.

Ernest Hill was still actively conducting in the 1960’s at Maine Music Camp on the campus of University of Maine at Farmington, where KPAC members Larry Deblois and Ralph Turner had the privilege of following his baton.

The name, Kennebec Performing Arts Company, KPAC,  was chosen to represent the many communities from which its performing members come as well as the variety of musical styles presented.  

Bangor Savings Bank is donating to non profit organizations across the state.
Maine residents are invited to vote at www.bangor.com/cmm 
Please vote for Kennebec Performing Arts Company.
Voting ends February 28th.  Thank you for your support.

Hannaford's Cony Circle is supporting KPAC with their community bag program
during the month of January 2021.  The bags are $2.50 and KPAC will receive $1,00 for each bag sold

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